Best Biodegradable Disposable Diapers

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Eco Disposable DiapersThe diaper is the most genius invention for babies. About 24.7 billion diapers are sold each year in America. However, the original type of diaper (disposable diaper) causes a large portion of trash, which leads to serious risks to the humanization. The risks of used disposable diapers include spreading viruses and diseases to the environment since it takes around 500 years for a diaper to decompose.

Instead of the old-fashioned diapers that may contain the chemicals that cause cancer, scientists have successfully created the “eco-friendly” diapers that are safer for babies, as well as the environment. Ever since then, the term “biodegradable disposable diapers” has been one of the most searched keywords for parents around the world. In this article, you will have the chance to get to know more about biodegradable diapers, and the top picked products for your little ones. So, let’s do the mother nature a favor, and start looking for biodegradable disposable diapers now!

The recommended ingredients for a biodegradable diaper

Before you go to the local store to get any random package of diapers with the tag “biodegradable”, you should educate yourself with some of the most important information.


As you may know, the more chemicals be added to a diaper, the more threats your baby may face. There are plenty of chemicals with different names, but you should manage to learn some of the most used chemicals in the product industry. For the instant study, the best biodegradable diapers should wear all of these tags on themselves, includes:

– Chlorine-free

– Perfume-free (or Fragrance)

– Dye-free

– Latex-free

Remember that when you avoid these toxic chemicals, you also cause less damage to the environment. Not only the baby’ feces spread viruses to the atmosphere but also the chemicals can cause toxic to affect the water source. No one knows whatever may happen when a human being takes in the intoxicated water without knowing.


Not all diapers are completely biodegradable, which requires you to read through the description of a product before you spend money on it. The ideal biodegradable diapers that are worth your money should be rated from 75 to 100% biodegradable. However, it is a bit hard to find the high-rated biodegradable diapers, while the average ones are like fishes in the sea (25 to 30% biodegradable).

The structure of a diaper

Regardless of the mentioned elements above, it’s also a difficult question to almost everyone to choose the material of the diapers, as well as knowing about the diaper’s layers, and so on. Can you believe that you don’t even know much about the diapers that you put on your baby at least twice a day?

The inner layer (top sheet) that sits against your baby’s skin is where the most issues stem from. This layer also is able to give your baby a terrifying rash if it isn’t soft, or pure enough. Besides, the absorbent core is also as important as the top sheet, since it helps with absorbing the urine and liquids your baby releases. The ideal material for the absorbent core is SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer), which traps and soaks the fluid. This material made from wood pulp, and sometimes wheat or corn-based products. Apart from the top sheet, the outer shell of a diaper must be waterproof. No one wants the fluid to spread all over their child’s clothes. Typically, our shell contains the plastic-treated or petroleum-based plastic. For the biodegradable diapers, the developers use a plant-based plastic to make the waterproof coating.

May the information we provided above help you to have an overlook of biodegradable disposable diapers in general. And now, it’s time for you to pick one out of these recommendations below. Check it out now!

Biodegradable Disposable Diapers

Top 5 Best Biodegradable Disposable Diapers

Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly 180

We always want to deliver our little ones with the best products, and Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly 180 is the one. If your baby has sensitive skin, then this product will come help with the softest and safest materials ever.

In addition to that, this product is eco-friendly, thin and so much more breathable than any other product you have ever tried before. No matter when you want to apply the diaper to your baby, this product can fit your demand quickly.

With three layers for dryness and there is no perfume or chemical applied, Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly 180 is obviously the number one diaper in the world now.

The negative point of this product is that the top sheet became stuck to the skin of a few infants, and its price has increased rapidly over time.

Andy Pandy Premium Bamboo

This product is described as the diaper that is as soft as your baby’s bottom! It is ultra-comfortable to wear. Parents don’t need to worry about irritation and chaffing anymore because these diapers are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.

The baby’s skin will always be soft and beautiful, thanks to the aloe liner in each diaper. The moisture-wicking and thermal regulating bamboo will keep your baby’s skin from any harm. If you can’t go for the pricey choice like Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly 180, then Andy Pandy Premium Bamboo is the brand that you should keep in mind.

However, the magic of this product may not last through the night, and its size is sometime a problem for some people.

Seventh Generation Free and Clear

The third position is a product coming from Seventh Generation. This product is another one that is suitable for babies with sensitive skin. Please remember that most of our babies have sensitive skin, and even when your baby doesn’t, it’s no harm using a product for the sensitive skin type.

Seventh Generation Free and Clear owns the ultra-absorbent and high capacity core. This allows the product to provide premium leak protection in order to keep your baby’s skin protected and dry. The core of the diaper is free from chlorine bleaching. You should feel safe too since you are using a hypoallergenic, free from lotions and fragrances product.

What makes this product even more exciting is the animals featured on every diaper. However, don’t be afraid of the inks the developer use on drawing the animals, because the inks are free and lead and any other heavy metals.

Some parent finds this product leaking during the day and night, and they also claim that the price is a bit too much for the contents.

Earth + Eden Baby Diapers

How could this product from Earth + Eden make it appear in this list? First of all, this product offers up to 12 hours of superior leakage protection, clinically proven gentle on the skin of your baby. It is also free from such things as lotions, latex, chlorine bleaching, and fragrance.

The breathable outer cover helps to keep your baby’s skin always dry. Furthermore, the cotton enhanced dryness layer and the hypoallergenic inner liner is the best at keeping things comfortable. The product offers an enhanced fit, stretchable waist and sides move, thanks to the fit-grip technology.

Last but not least, Earth + Eden product warranties that this product does not test on animals, and it is produced in a Zero Waste to Landfill facility.

The cons of this product are that its material on the outer layer is stiff, and not everyone is happy with it.

Bambo Nature Sensitive Skin

At the last position on the list is another product coming from Bambo. This product is designed for infants with sensitive skin. It is supernaturally-absorbent and eco-friendly. With the breathable back sheet, the rashes are completely prevented.

This product also provides comfort and softness with the help of feather-soft substances. Another plus point for Bambo this time is that the diaper is incredibly easy to use. This wonderful item is also the cheapest product on the list because of its low count per package.

The minus point for this product is that the urine dampens the exterior of the diaper, and once again the sizes are a problem for some parents.


A smart parent should know what to adapt to his baby. Taking care of a baby is hard, but when you find the key to success, you will master the game. A biodegradable disposable diaper is the amazing achievement of the modern world. If there’s one thing that your baby can do to save the Earth at a very young age, then it should be using those eco-friendly diapers.