6 Best Biodegradable Water Balloons

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Biodegradable Water Balloons

Parents are searching for some best biodegradable water balloons for their kids in the summer. Read through this article to find out the reason!

During this summer, our kids often go for water balloons. As parents, we have to fill in and tie a bunch of balloons. You will not meet your kids’ needs in time, even if your finger will feel painful.

Now, with these best biodegradable water balloons below, you can make 100 balloons quickly.

Let’s go with us!

Best Biodegradable Water Balloons Review

#1 Zuru Bunch O Balloons On the spot Water Balloons

When it comes to famous companies that specialize in producing entertainment products, we can’t help talking about Bunch O Balloon. This company is considered to be one of the market leaders in high-quality balloon products.

These balls are quite convenient and reliable. As they are made from biodegradable and recyclable materials, they are safe and reliable, and they do not affect the atmosphere in particular.

With outstanding design, luxury, and class, consumers can find that this is an extremely useful and worth buying product. Besides, you can use them on any occasion you want birthday parties, pool parties, etc.

Another advantage of these water balloons is that they are suitable for children from 3 years old. up. Children love them because they are extremely suitable for outdoor activities or picnics. These high-quality water balloons are guaranteed to satisfy your requirements as well as their safety.

The manufacturer has designed them with a fairly simple structure and easy to use. The special thing here is that you can fill 100 balls and tie them tightly in 60 seconds.

Each set has 3 bunches and each bunch consists of 35 water bubbles. This is a good division because the person holding them will not feel too heavy after the bubbles have been filled with water.


  • Easy to use


  • Not good value for money

#2 Hibery 1000 Pack Water Balloons

Another favorite water bubble product on the market is Hibery’s balloons. Made from 100% natural biodegradable latex, this is a completely eco-friendly product.

Also, they are made up of free chemical powder paint and odor. At an affordable price, every time you order, you will receive 1000 water bubbles with a nozzle for easy filling and fastening.

The design is quite simple, similar to regular balloons, but the colors are very diverse, eye-catching: blue, green, pink, red, purple, etc. These are the basic colors, but it is fascinating, creating dynamism and enthusiasm.

You will feel secure when using these balloons because they are very safe and reliable, perfect for every fun: camping, picnic, outdoor play, etc. You will come in and immerse yourself in water bubble parties has never been this easy and exciting.

Although these balloons are suitable for everyone, you should still pay attention to children when they play. Make sure that the deflated balls are out of reach of children and discard damaged ones.

With the criteria to ensure the best experience for customers, if you are not satisfied with anything or encounter unexpected risks, you can contact Hibery at any time. They will try their best to help you within 24 hours.


  • Risk free
  • Colorful
  • Good value


  • Too small
  • Not very durable

#3 Biodegradable Water Balloons 100 Pack

An indispensable product in this review is Wet Products’ 100 biodegradable water bubbles. It can be said that if this product is missing in this article, it is a flaw.

This product is very popular, may have become a consumer trend. Manufactured under strict supervision, this product is sourced from environmentally friendly materials.

The design is simple but very lively with many youthful and attractive colors. Therefore, this product has become the first choice for many consumers. Surely, they will make your party more fun and memorable.

The manufacturer guarantees that you can fill and tie 100 bubbles in a short period, about 1 minute. You will not need to search for more flexible water balloons because this is the choice that can satisfy all your requirements.

Unlike some other bubble products available on the market, this product is completely safe and does not affect the environment. The easy-to-use way will save you time to enjoy your fun.

Moreover, this product will make your children excited because they bring many colors and extremely suitable for fun activities with friends.

One thing to note is that they must keep out of reach of children under 3 years old and for children under 8 years old and children must be supervised by adults when playing.


  • Best value for money
  • Easy to use


  • Leak while being filled
  • Small and thin

#4 SWZY Water Balloons

SWZY company often prioritizes friendly environmentally products that still meet customers’ needs.

First of all, for their origin, the manufacturer makes sure that these balloons are made from natural latex that is completely biodegradable, and that they are also free of odor and do not contain chemical powder paint.

The high-quality design allows you to fill these balloons with water and leave them overnight before use without worrying about them breaking or leaking.

Moreover, they are designed to be quite simple so they are easy to use, you can fill them up quickly without any problems. All you need to do is slide a stack of rubber bands over the pointed end, placing balloons into each of the extra pipes.

Then, slide the balloon inside the device and roll the rubber band above and below the balloons. Not only adults but also children can follow this simple guide. Besides, this product is suitable for any party you organize, such as the summer pool party or outdoor play with friends.

The diverse, eye-catching and youthful colors of these balloons will appeal to everyone, especially children. Your children will be extremely happy if you give this product to them.

Another advantage of this product is that you only need to spend a reasonable amount of money to own a set of water balloons including 1,000 balloons, 1,000 rubber bands, and 5 refill tools (this tool for filling again water ball, not including straws).

Each set will be randomly mixed in 7 colors: blue, green, pink, purple, orange and red.


  • Quick refill
  • Multiple color


  • No instructions included

#5 Liberty Imports Water Balloons Bomb

If you are an active person and always want to experience great entertainment products, Liberty Imports water balloons are the right choice for you.

The first advantage of these Latex Water Bombs is that they are made from high-quality materials. Therefore, they can survive for long periods and do not break easily when being filled with water.

The manufacturer makes sure that they are completely made of 100% natural latex that is biodegradable, odor-free and does not contain chemical powder paint. This product has an advantage over the other similar product that they are made from eco-friendly material.

You and your family can feel secure when using them because they are very safe and reliable. To save playing time, you can fill these balloons with water and leave it overnight. They will not crack or leak because they are very durable.

Simple design but eye-catching and youthful colors can easily attract customers, especially active children. Each pack comes in a variety of colors: yellow, red, purple, blue, green, pink, light blue, and orange. You will not worry about missing your favorite color.

At an affordable price, each box includes 24 tubes, each with 50 water bubbles attached, for a total of 1200 balloons. The number is amazing, isn’t it? Your pleasure will not be interrupted by the lack of water bubbles.

Also, in each box, there is a hose to easily pump water or air into the balloons and a large surfing bag to carry them easily.

They easily meet your needs because they are suitable for all occasions, from family gatherings to your child’s birthday party. This is a convenient product, easy to carry and suitable for everyone (except children under 3 years old).


  • Safe material
  • Rainbow colors


  • Not good value

#6 Tie-Not Biodegradable Water Balloon Filling Set

Taking the last place in this review is Tie-Not Biodegradable Water Balloon. The manufacturer introduces that this product is made from eco-friendly recycled materials, so consumers do not have to worry about their quality or that they may harm the environment.

The special thing about this product compared to other types is that each pack includes 50 water bubbles and support equipment for the preparation. These small tools will help you a lot, the preparation will be as interesting as the water bubble battles.

Your garden’s garden hose can easily connect to the filler and have a hose small enough to fit into a water balloon. Tying balloons will also become more convenient with the knot tool. You will only take a while to prepare, not spend all day long.

Another advantage of this product is that they are very attractive and suitable for use on any occasion according to your needs. It is important to note that they are not to be used with children under 3 years of age and children under 8 years old must be supervised by an adult when playing.

Make sure you keep the deflated balls out of the reach of children and throw them away.


  • Quick refill
  • Finger pain free when tying not


  • Not durable

Things Considered When Buying Water Balloons

You can see that the products listed above are made of 100% biodegradable latex. To give you a better understanding of this material, this article will provide some basic information.

Latex is a stretchy material derived from rubber; manufacturers take rubber from the rubber trees grown in Malaysia. This special material gives latex balls great flexibility and flexibility. So, they can be produced in any shape with different colors. In addition, air or helium is suitable for inflating these balloons.

If you pump them with helium gas, these balloons will be able to fly up. If you use it with normal air, they can only be tense. However, one thing to note is that although they can be used at parties, people with latex allergies should avoid touching them to protect their health.

For everyone in general and environment enthusiasts in particular, you will definitely love these products. The latex balloons introduced above are made of natural latex derived from trees. This helps them not to affect the environment.

These balloons come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Despite the simple design, they can completely meet your needs. They are suitable for all occasions, from birthday parties to meeting friends, outdoor activities, family meetings.

Moreover, a party without balloons will make the party decoration lose dynamic. Because their vivid colors will blow up the enthusiasm of each participant. Children will especially love these products. Make your children enjoy the full joy by choosing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put These Biodegradable Balloons in The Pool for Decoration?

You can totally decorate them in your pool. But make sure they won’t deflect and get caught in your pump or contaminate your pool.

About How Long Will These Balloons Be Unusable or Completely Degraded?

These balloons are all of good quality, they will keep for a long time, at least a few days.

If I Don’t Use Them Anymore and Throw Them Away, How Long Will These Balloons Take Biodegradation?

Typically, a process that begins to biodegrade takes 6 months. And after 18 months, they will be completely degraded.

How Many Bags Should I Buy to Organize A Party?

This depends on the size of the party you are hosting. If it’s a small get-together party, you should buy about 2 bags. If it’s a grand party like a birthday party or housewarming party, you should buy 4 or more bags.

I Want to Use Them Outside, Are These Products Safe for Marine Life If Used in Ponds or Lakes?

Because they are derived from natural materials, they will not affect the environment. You can use them to satisfy your needs everywhere.

If I Want to Play Them with The Launcher, Are They Easily Blown Up?

These balloons will make you satisfied. They are fully usable with launchers.

To Sum Up

The Earth is badly affected by industrial waste and dust currently. They impact heavily on our ecosystem, waste can be found everywhere: on the sea, in the belly of fish, or on the lawn. They kill many rare species of creatures, affecting to our fresh air. Therefore, the use of items made from natural, environmentally friendly materials is essential.

Understanding the need to protect the environment, manufacturers have created diverse types of products with safe and sustainable sources. They are both affordable and well-suited to your needs. If you always want to find an entertainment product that has outstanding advantages, then take a look at the biodegradable balloons mentioned above. Let’s protect our Earth together from simple little things.