6 Best Compostable Cups: Our pick of the best eco-friendly cups

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Compostable Cups

People are using compostable cups instead of single-use ones. Let’s explore some best compostable cups on the market today to know more about them!

Disposable plastic cups are being used very popularly due to its convenient and cheap characteristics. However, the widespread use of plastic waste has increased dramatically, seriously affecting human health and the environment.

In light of the aforementioned dangers, many countries now tend to abandon disposable plastic cups. Instead, they replace these cups with eco-friendly products such as compostable cups to towards a greener planet.

Therefore, there are a variety of compostable cups and you do not know which ones are the best. This article will equip you with the appropriate knowledge of some best compostable cups.

Let’s have a look now!

Best Compostable Cups Review

#1 Compostable Coffee Cups with Lids, Stirrers, and Sleeves

Are you a busy person who regularly drinks coffee to keep you awake? Do you always want to buy a product that is both convenient and eco-friendly? So, Living Balance’s Compostable Coffee Cups will satisfy your needs.

With strictly controlled production and safety, these cups have been certified to be of plant origin and do not contain any chemical derivatives by the Institute of Biodegradable Products.

To help customers avoid any clutter when carrying it, these cups are designed to eliminate the separate sleeve and have 2 times more insulation than usual.

You can use them anywhere, anytime: on the way to work, at work, a wedding or even a big event. With a simple yet eye-catching design, you can make yourself stand out with these lovely cups, and most importantly, they are environmentally friendly!

If some of the other cups can get you in trouble as they are easy to pour, these compostable cups will ensure to give you a completely easy, comfortable using experience. Because they are designed with tight lids and two liners at the seams, it feels solid and sturdy.

You should create a more friendly morning routine with these wonderful cups. They are suitable for a coffee maker, Keurig K-cups or Espresso machine. In addition to being ideal for coffee, customers can also use them to store beers, smoothies, juices, etc.


  • Sturdy
  • Used multiple times


  • A little bit difficult to pull apart

#2 Greenchain Compostables Clear Cold Cups

To help customers access more convenient and environmentally friendly products, GC COMPOSTABLE devotes all its energy to market research. And 100% biodegradable cups according to ASTM D6400 have been produced to meet everyone’s daily needs.

You won’t worry about them sticking together every time you drink a cup as they are divided clearly. Moreover, these cups are very sturdy, not easy to fall or tear.

The cups are designed with outstanding cartoon images, cute. Therefore, they will be suitable for a vibrant party.

In particular, they are also easily attracted to the children’s interest in their lovely design. They are also suitable for daily use, on normal occasions, on the way to work or at work. Such a little cute will make your day livelier.

These cups are proper for cold drinks such as iced tea, smoothies, juices, etc. A small note for you is that they are not safe for the microwave.

This product has met the 100% ingredient certification standard, which means that you can compost it in commercial composting facilities.

Made from plants, they are manufactured with environmentally friendly criteria and can decompose in just a few months rather than hundreds of years like conventional petroleum materials. Moreover, they produce less CO2.

A product of such great quality is worth using, isn’t it?


  • Perfect for kids
  • Cute, nice and sturdy


  • Not for hot beverage


#3 ZenCo Compostable Disposable Paper Cups

If you like partial and biodegradable products, ZenCo biodegradable glasses will meet your needs.

With a strict and guaranteed production process, ZenCo commits that these cups make customers feel like they are using a traditional cup and will feel confident about the quality of the product.

Moreover, they can be single-use or used for recycling. At the same time, they are fully biodegradable according to ASTM D6400.

Completely covered in neutral white, the cups provide a simple, elegant, perfect fit for an intimate party or an office. They are made from strong, eco-friendly bleaching cardboard and do not contain chlorine.

Moreover, these cups can be used to store both cold or hot drinks. When switching to using these cups, it will be a safe and economical change. Compared to a conventional plastic cup based on foam or petrochemical, a compostable cup will be much more environmentally friendly.

ZenCo has many different sets for you to choose from, 8 ounce – 50 counts, 12 ounce – 50 counts or 4 ounce – 100 counts.

In particular, ZenCo always wants to provide customers with the best experience of their products. If you are not satisfied with anything in the process of using the product, you can notify them. They are guaranteed to refund you a full amount.

Key Feature

  • Durable and dependable
  • No funky smells


#4 FEEDMI Paper Coffee Cups with Lids

Nowadays, our Earth is increasingly polluted by non-decomposing waste. To reduce this alarming risk, many environmentally friendly products have been researched and manufactured. One of the outstanding products is the biodegradable cup from FEEDMI.

In addition to the natural ingredients available, FEEDMI produces these cups from plants and soy squid. They are completely processed with PLA – a plant-based paper.

With this technology, the cup body and lid are very durable, strong, and do not leak. The lid is guaranteed not to make it difficult for you to drink. Moreover, this product is completely biodegradable or renewable. They are an extremely healthy and user-friendly product for both users and the Earth as they do not contain plasticizers and BPA.

An environmentally friendly coffee cup is designed for customers to hold comfortably without having to use any sleeves. The material is thick and not easy to pour, suitable for all types of coffee machines.

This paper material is better than Styrofoam, which can keep warm for a long time. With such good highlights, you should replace them for disposable plastic cups.

Each set has up to 100 cups with a capacity of 12 oz but is very affordable. These cups can be used anywhere, anytime, especially when you have a busy life or regularly travel.

Key Feature

  • Great to-go cup
  • Easy to hold


#5 Biodegradable and Compostable 12 Oz Paper Coffee Cups and Recyclable Dome Lids

If you are a flexible person and always want to experience amazing products, you cannot ignore eco-friendly cups from manufacturer Avant Grub.

These cups are designed not only to serve consumers but also to protect the environment. They are biodegradable and the lining with renewable starch and the lid of the cup is also recyclable.

You can rest assured when using the product because they are very solid and will not spill while you are drinking. They will be even more convenient for consumers who are afraid of cleaning because they are disposable.

The body is easy to hold and the liner can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. The lid can be recycled many times, making this product a top choice in the coffee cup manufacturing industry.

Moreover, these eco-friendly coffee cups are suitable for everyone and everywhere. If you are the owner of a business, cafe or restaurant, you should choose Avant Grub’s paper cup.

With an affordable price, you will receive a large number of paper cups. Avant Grub always has incentives for customers who want to buy many of their products.

The cute, leaf-shaped design will impress your customers when your store serves them drinks. Or simply, if you are a busy person, then setting up 100 cups is a great choice for you.

All you need to do is to throw away the used cup yesterday and replace it with the other cup for a new day.

With a dedicated customer service policy, if you have any complaints, you can contact them via email or direct message, you will receive a 100% refund.


  • Good quality
  • Good value for money


  • Not keep drinks warm for a long time


#6 FirstChoice EcoNaturals Disposable White Paper Cups

Another paper cup product that might suit your choice is FirstChoice’s eco-friendly paper cup. Made of high-quality food paper, you can use them to replace plastic items.

We all know that protecting the environment is a hot issue, and you will feel great if you contribute a part to it. FirstChoice’s paper cup will be an appropriate solution to help you protect the environment as it is recyclable.

Despite its simple design, the entire paper cup is covered in white but surely they will satisfy you with its advantages. Each set has 100 cups with a capacity of 8 oz or 16 oz, you can use this product anywhere: home, office, or private party.

Although they are light but very solid, easy to hold. You can use them for picnics or camping or even bigger events like weddings. Moreover, for those consumers who like minimalism, no fuss or having to tidy up, this is a perfect choice.

With the motto “Donate for a better world”, FirstChoice contributes its efforts to protect the environment by creating products that are natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Their products are easy to use every day.

In particular, they also support non-profit environmental organizations. Thus, your support for FirstChoice is like you are helping to reduce the pollution of the Earth.


  • Large and sturdy
  • Great value for the price


  • Difficult to get cups apart


Things to Bear in Mind When Buying Compostable Cups

Before buying a cup, there are various aspects that you need to consider including sizes, types of cups and materials. Which ones are good enough for your cold or hot beverages? We will give you more information right now!


Similar to the other types of single-use cups, the compostable ones also come in a wide range of sizes to meet customers’ needs. A cup of 4oz size can hold 118ml, which is suitable for an espresso shot. And an 8oz cup containing 227ml is for regular coffee.

Whereas, the 12oz one with the capacity of 335ml is ideal for a regular soft drink or medium coffee. If you are a fan of a large coffee cup or medium soft drink, the 16oz cup will suit you perfectly.

There are also some big sizes from 20oz (591ml) up to 32oz (946ml) for large soft drinks and supersize soft drinks respectively.

Types of Cups

The type of cup is also a factor affecting your decision in the need for beverages.

Single-Walled Cold

This is the thinnest cup which is mainly used for cold drinks. You cannot use it for the hot drink as it may burn your hand a little bit.

Single-Walled Hot

The name says it all. It has a thicker material to ensure your hand not be burnt and can keep the liquid inside insulated.

Double Walled Hot

Unlike the single-walled hot, this type is made of two thin walls to form an insulating layer. This is used to keep drinks hot for a long time.

Air Pocket Insulated

This is considered a premium cup. To form ultimate insulation for the hot beverages, the cup makes use of the sealed air pockets to create the corrugated layer.


In reality, manufacturers use numerous materials to produce compostable cups.


Cardboard or paper is a sustainable source that can be used to recycle.

Plant Sugars

Plant sugars truly can create compostable bioplastic. People will extract glucose from the milled corn before fermenting it to make lactic acid. Then, this acid will be processed into the polymer.

Due to its feature, plant-based cups can be just used for cold drinks.

Bamboo fibers

Using bamboo fibers to make cups is also a safe choice. These cups are biodegradable, and you can use them in the dishwasher as well. But not for the microwave in case you want to reheat your beverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use These Compostable Cups for The Coffee Maker or Espresso Machines?

Yes, these cups are produced for these above machines. The brewed hot coffee has an average temperature of approximately 170°F (77°C) while the cup can hold liquid with a high temperature of about 203°F (95°C). And both the 12oz and 16oz sizes are fitted with all coffee makers or espresso machines.

Are PLA And Plant-Based Starches the Same?

PLA is normally made from plant-based starches. And manufacturers often make paper by plant starches as well. However, they are not similar in terms of technique.

Can I Use These Cups for Many Times?

Yes, sure. They are designed for multiple times using, so they are very sturdy. You will not be worried that the fungi may grow on them. However, you should not leave the drink for extended time periods because the bacteria or fungi may have a chance to thrive.

To Sum Up

Everyone all knows single-use plastic cups are convenient items. However, to protect yourselves and the environment against the unpredictable dangers that these cups bring, you should limit its use. In other words, you can replace it with safer friendly cups.

Hopefully, after reading our best compostable cups review, you can make the right decision!